Transportation Series

SPED Safe provides high-quality professional development opportunities for bus drivers, monitors/aides, dispatchers, management, and other district staff on a variety of topics to improve the overall service and safety to all stakeholders. Through a diverse team of practitioners and leaders in education and law enforcement, SPED Safe delivers content specific to the needs of students with disabilities, unmatched by any competitors in the field. SPED Safe offers evidence-based, custom designed, staff development delivered through a online learning management system.

The SPED Safe Transportation Series core content modules cover six critical areas identified by SPED Safe's industry leading experts to enhance the safety of school transportation.  Click here for a two page flyer explaining the core content modules.

Module 1: Introduction to the SPED Safe Program and Behavioral Management Basics of Behavioral Science

  • Introduction to SPED Safe
  • Basics of Behavioral Science
  • The ABCs of Behavior 
  • The Four Functions of Behavior
    Principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis

Module 2: Disability Categories Overview and Awareness

  • Review of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 
  • Special Education Law and Confidentiality
  • Person First Language
    Special Education Disability Categories

Module 3: Providing Structure and Routine on the Bus

  • The Importance of Structure and Routine
  • Strategies to Build Structure
    Strategies to Build Routine
    Preparing Students for Changes in Routine

Module 4: Evidence Based Practices

  • Prompting
  • Modeling
    Visual Supports
  • Reinforcement

Module 5: Responding to Challenging Behaviors and De-escalation Strategies

  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • De-escalation Strategies
    Collaborating with Support Staff
  • Utilizing Strategies Consistent with School Team

Module 6: Communicating Behavioral Concerns to Teachers, Staff, and Parents

  • Objective Incident Reporting
    Communicating Effectively with Parents 
  • Communicating Effectively with School District Staff
  • Responding to Parent/Community Concerns